About company


Zhytomyr Meat Processing Plant was established on the site of a former private slaughterhouses, which was renamed the intestinal workshop “Kishpromtorg” in 1920.

From 1923 to 1926 he was created carnage. In 1936 the building was attached slaughterhouse premises sausage shop, volovnya 50 goals and building for salting hides. In the same year, E. workshop was renamed the meat-packing plant. The production capacity of processed meat was 6 tons per shift. The production capacity of sausages – 0.5 tons per shift.. In 1946, after the reconstruction, it was commissioned sausage shop, a capacity of 1.5 tons per shift, and a refrigerator 100 tons of simultaneous storage. In 1949-1950, he was commissioned abattoir plant with capacity of 13 tons of meat per shift and sanitary slaughter. In 1968, in the slaughterhouse went Zhytomyr poultry. In 1970 after reconstruction, the slaughterhouse area occupied an area of 5.2 hectares. Base before the slaughter animal housing was designed for reception of 600 head of cattle. In 1975, the State Commission of the USSR, was put into operation the first stage of a new meat processing plant in the area.

With the commissioning of all facilities, Zhytomyr Meat Processing Plant was one of the five largest manufacturers of the Soviet Union. The area of the plant was 18.2 hectares.

In 1990, the meat-packing plant drew up 100 tons of meat and 20 tons of sausages per shift. In 1995 he was commissioned a canning plant with capacity of 8 tubes per shift. In 2003, Zhytomyr Meat Processing Plant joined the company SC “Alliance”, 2005 marked the beginning of the first phase of modernization: – acquired modern equipment from leading European manufacturers; – The reconstruction of the main production shops (sausage abattoir and workshops); – Remodeled and refurbished refrigerators (of 4 thousand tons of products in refrigerated and frozen condition.); – Expanded and updated fleet of vehicles in the same year, the company’s management decided to create their own branded retail network.

From 2005 – 2010, GG, over 60 branded outlets were opened in Zhitomir and Kiev. 2013-14 GG held the second stage of the modernization of production facilities, which increased production volumes. “Zhytomyr Meat Processing Plant” LLC produces a wide range of sausage products and meat delicacies of high quality, under the “Gremio” brand. Zhytomyr Meat Processing Plant is one of the best enterprises of Zhytomyr region, and part of the top 5 best companies of Ukraine, as evidenced by the awards and certificates received by the company during the entire period of operation.